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Secretary’s Message

The year was eventful with new project beginnings and successful completions of others.

Message from our Secretary

Dear All,
Greetings from Samarth!

Our funders, Bristol Myers Squib Foundation (BMSF) held their annual Learning and Sharing conference prior to the International AIDS conference at Durban in July 2016. All the South Asian and African BMSF funded partners engaged in carrying out work in the field of Hepatitis B and C (Delivering HOPE project) participated. Three of us from Samarth attended this conference which gave us an opportunity to interact with and learn from South Asian and African project partners of BMSF. We also had an opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops on “In Our Voice”- Positive life, positive voices” and viral hepatitis -co infections with HIV. Our interactions with other partners and learning of their experiences were most enriching. We came back with great ideas to integrate in our evaluation activities of Hepatitis B projects. Our Evaluation of the six Hepatitis B and C awareness programmes being carried out by BMSF (Bristol Myer’s Squibb Foundation) partners in the states of UP, Gujarat, Punjab, Manipur, and Maharashtra is now into third year. This has been most gratifying work as the findings of our evaluations have helped our NGO partners improve the quality and focus of their programmes.

Our ongoing projects are proceeding smoothly. At Samarth we are always looking forward to working with different partners and in new research areas. As the strength of Samarth’s key personnel lies in qualitative research, many organizations seek our expertise in carrying out explorative research. We have been approached by REACH, a non-governmental organization working in the field of TB control to evaluate their completed pilot programme on involvement of pharmacists in TB control. We will be carrying out this project in the coming year.

We look forward to building new partnerships and to undertaking other research grants in the years to come.

Warm regards,
Rani Mohanraj


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