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Institutional Ethics Committee

In keeping with international procedures and requirements, Samarth constituted an Institutional Ethics Committee in September 2014.

Scientific Review Board

In the interest of conducting scientifically sound research, the Samarth Scientific Review Board was constituted on the 5th of June 2015. Comprising of a chair and two members, this independent body is separate from the Samarth Institutional Ethics Committee and evaluates the scientific accuracy of research proposals submitted.

Name Designation Qualification Affiliation Term as Member
Dr. R. Thara Chairperson DPM, PhD Director, Schizophrenia Research Foundation, Chennai 2015 – 2020
Dr. L. Jeyaseelan Member PhD Professor of Biostatistics, CMC Vellore 2015 – 2020
Dr. S. Jawahar Member MD, MSc Former Scientist “G” National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis 2015 – 2020


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